Don’t take your home for granted

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Don’t take your home for granted

Recently in August, we moved from our family home of 21 years. It was where our children were born and grew up, it saw many loved pets come and go and it was a warm, healthy and comfortable place to live. It was sad to leave however there were many memories made there that we will all cherish.

We moved to a property not too far away. It is of similar era but bigger. The following morning we woke up in our new home and pulled up the blinds and “argh” condensation on the windows, we have not seen that to that extent in many years, it was in every room of the house, we couldn’t believe it. It made us think how we took for granted our BDVair ventilation system in our previous house, keeping that home condensation free and that is why our home was so dry and healthy. Our family pets came with us, Forrest the Labrador and Annie the cat, they are lovely animals and are indoor pets, it didn’t take long for the animal smell to start infiltrating the house, again we have not experienced this in our previous house. We have immediately put the wheels in motion to have the BDV team at the new house as soon as possible.

This experience has reinforced why ventilation is so important in the family home and it should not be taken for granted. Condensation on windows is the signs of deeper issues such as damp homes, dampness leads to cold, mouldy and unhealthy living environments, especially bad for asthma and bronchial sufferers and is responsible for many hospitalisations every year. There are many other underlying issues from poorly ventilated homes such as a build up of airborne pollutants, carbon dioxide, bacteria and viruses. Without adequate ventilation you will get pockets of stagnated air build up, it is these pockets of air which contain harmful airborne pollutants which can be present for a very long time if not removed. Opening windows in some situations may help but not in all, the only guaranteed method is the installation of a reputable ventilation system.

There are many ventilation companies to choose from now days, the key points to consider are airflow rate, automated airflow control not just a manual speed switch and the most important is reputation. There are many other factors to consider so best to do your homework, don’t get caught out by buying based on the cheapest. A good system will cost so be aware of the low cost offers. Most companies will do free home assessments again choose wisely, stick to the specialist ventilation companies who are experts in the home ventilation industry. A specialist company is one who has a total focus on the issue and product at hand and does not get side tracked with non specific product and services or conflicting products.

The average cost for a good system can range between $3000 and $6000, think of this as an insurance against a damp unhealthy home, you will happily spend tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars on bathrooms, kitchens and other maintenance so this is the cheapest investment for the greater benefit of anything you can do in the home and for your health.

BDVair is more than happy to discuss this further for your specific requirements and offer a free no obligation home assessment.

This is a recent factual experience by the CEO of BDVair, Bruce Dick.

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