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BDVair believe in their system so much they guarantee it for a minimum of 8 years, that covers materials and labor on site for any product fault caused by mechanical failure or mechanical fault.

BDVair has kept costs down but not product quality or performance, they have done this by keeping overheads and advertising to a minimum so they pass on the savings to their customers. BDVair systems start from as low as $2520 supplied and installed by certified BDVair installers.

BDVair totally understands the pressures of todays living so has very attractive finance options available. You can have it installed and have interest free and no payment purchase options to help. It costs you no more and can be paid off still paying no more. Get it installed now without the financial pressure.

Airflow over the plastic vent surrounds causes a static electrical charge which attracts dust to it, over time these look like dirty rings, simply remove with the vacuum cleaner or a clean dry brush. Do not use a wet cloth or cleaning fluids. The dust is from within the house, it does not come from the vents.

During the heat of the night in summer when the system is cooling your house, the fan will run at full, you may hear it but it is not obtrusive. This can be adjusted to suit. While in filtering mode you will not know it is running. A lot depends on the building materials, the amount of insulation and the acoustics in the ceiling.

No brand of system can claim 100% removal of condensation. Occasionally on very cold mornings you may see condensation on some windows but nothing like you used to and the system will quickly clear it whereas without, the condensation could stay all day. This is mother nature throwing stones.

The system has been designed with very complex algorithms, these constantly talk to the sensors and decide which fan speed works best under the climatic conditions. This is why sometimes the fan speed may run at full and other times very slow, if you had it running too high for long period it would be detrimental to your indoor climate. It is very smart, just leave it and let it look after you. If you believe the fan speed needs to be adjusted, please ask our technicians, we are more than happy to discuss this with you.

New homes can worse than older homes as they now built air tight with little opportunity to breathe. In our experience the extraction ventilation such as bathroom, kitchen and service areas are grossly underrated and do not effectively remove moisture. Before long your new house will feel damp and stuffy, you may even see mould appearing. Ventilation systems are a must in new homes and all homes in our opinion.

Double glazing is like insulation, it helps to keep warmth in, it does not help to keep a house dry. With the absent of condensation on double glazed windows, don’t be fooled, this disguises the fact that your home could still be damp. Double glazing is still important but it is for a different application.

With the BDVair system using the techno advanced EC motor and BDVairs exclusive Integrated management software, the average daily cost to run is $0.08c that is around $30 per year! This has been certified by electronic engineers.

The system uses outside air taken from the ceiling cavity, in general the ceiling cavity will be warmer than outside air. In very cold winter conditions, when this temperature gets too low, the BDVair integrated management software kicks in and slows the fan speed so you do not get too much colder air. In certain circumstances it will automatically switch itself off and the restarts when climate conditions improve. You do not know that this is happening, its all about doing what is right for your home.

All is not lost, it pays to have one of our team look over your house, there are still options available which can help.

We have extensive experience in dealing with landlords, property managers and tenants. We can be discrete and look after all concerned and leave everyone happy. BDVair has special features especially designed for rental properties. We also look after all brands for servicing and can upgrade any old or broken system for a fraction of the price for full replacement. Come and talk to us.

BDVair are one of only a few true specialist ventilation experts in New Zealand. Their system is designed exclusively and has been developed  from over 16 years of tried and true experience. You only have to hear from what their customers say to know they are the real deal. “We are not happy unless you are happy” Bruce Dick, CEO.

All of BDVAir’s system come with on board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth future proofing for further development.

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