Does your existing ventilation system need an overhaul or is it time for an upgrade?

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Does your existing ventilation system need an overhaul or is it time for an upgrade?

Ventilation systems are very beneficial in the home, ask anyone who has one. Some work better than others however like most things, they don’t last forever. Air flow diminishes, motors overheat and get noisey or stop and electronics break down or just plain outdated.

BDVAir Upgrade System | Home Ventilation Auckland

Don’t put up with an underperforming, dated or broken system, tell tale signs you may need to upgrade your system are condensation and dampness starting to return, system sounds noisier than it used to be or the house does not smell as fresh as it used to. When your systems starts to develop these issues, a lot of the time they cant be repaired, parts are no longer available or the company no longer exists. You don’t need to put off doing anything as there is a simple solution. You can upgrade the ‘important’ parts to a new BDV EC system. 

Any system regardless of brand and model can be upgraded to the latest BDV EC positive pressure ventilation system. What is an upgrade you ask, an upgrade consists of replacing the existing motor, housing, filter assembly, electronics and control system with BDVAir EC components. The existing power supply, ducting and ceiling diffusers are utilised thus saving you from having to do a complete new install. The benefits of upgrading to a BDV EC are you get all the features of a modern new system at a fraction of the cost of a complete new system.

“I found BDVAir on google and so glad I did. I had HRV but age got the better of it so we replaced it with BDVAir and have noticed a massive difference. The house is fresher and windows so clear. The service changing over was so easy and BDVAir is much quieter than other one. We would recommend you checking them out. Make the call as we did”.

BDV EC New Zealands premium ventilation system Features;
  • German designed and manufactured EC high performance centrifugal motor with the advanced radical fan very powerful yet quieter and cheaper to run than what you will currently have.
  • Hospital grade deep pleated box filter with a 2 year longevity.
  • BDV’s exclusive I touch capacitive colour controller
  • Latest electronics with STM32 microcontrol, multifunctional and fast processing.
  • BDV’s exclusive Integrated Management Software (IMS)
  • Full 8 year guarantee on all parts and labour supplied by BDVAir.


Another advantage you may get over older AC motor systems is your home may be running a 2 fan AC system, that is twice the price to run, requires 2 filters and hence servicing may cost a lot.

In many cases, a single fan BDV EC may be all that is required to replace a 2 fan 5 or 6 vent system due to its superior output and yet cheaper run cost and only requiring a single filter service every 2 years.

If you don’t feel you need to upgrade your system just yet, then we can service your current system, supply and install filters and do our 10 point check list to maximise the effectiveness and performance.

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