Upgrading a system

Upgrade from an old or underperforming ventilation system

Do you have an existing ventilation system that’s no longer performing or doesn’t meet your expectations? Maybe it’s packed up altogether and is not worth repairing. You can upgrade any brand to an advanced BDVAir for a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. Plus, you will save on running costs and servicing.

Replacement could be due to an AC motor burnout anytime from six years onwards. Maybe it’s down to electronic parts, which are now obsolete and not replaceable. Or perhaps it’s just an outdated dinosaur with no or poor performance.

We replace the existing motor and filter assembly with the latest advanced German EC motor technology. Also included are a deep-pleated hospital-grade box filter along with our motor speed electronics and digital colour touchscreen controller. We check all ducting, Y branches and connectors. And if needed, we reconfigure the system to optimise performance.

All of this is fully covered by our own guarantee. Valid for eight years, our guarantee certificate is supplied for parts and labour on the replaced items.

BDVAir Upgrade System | Home Ventilation Auckland

I found BDVAir on google and so glad I did. I had HRV but age got the better of it so we replaced it with BDVAir and have noticed a massive difference. The house is fresher and windows so clear. The service changing over was so easy and BDVAir is much quieter than other one. We would recommend you checking them out. Make the call as we did.

Phillip and Kim, Botany, Auckland.

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