Wet area extraction

Wet Area Extraction

Bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens are significant contributors to household dampness and mould if no or underperforming extraction systems are fitted.

Bathrooms and laundries should be fitted with the best and most powerful extraction fans available. And they should be ducted directly outside. These fans must be used when wet areas are occupied. Many existing extraction fans look the part, make a lot of noise but do not work efficiently enough to be effective. We can install from new or decommission your current system and replace it with BDVAir’s JET 150.

Our JET 150 bathroom extraction system makes short work of bathroom steam.

The JET 150 can be connected directly to the light switch, so there’s no need to flick an extra button. This also stops you from forgetting to turn on the extraction system. The JET 150 is a high powered yet quiet system. And it’s effective in removing steam and moisture entirely from your bathroom, laundry, or other service areas. Plus, it prevents mould and controls odours. Enjoy mist-free mirrors and extend the life of your paint and bathroom fittings with the JET 150.

JET 150 mixed flow inline fan, working life 50,000 hours, high speed 2500RPM 535m3ph.

The JET 150 is fully compliant with NZ Healthy Homes regulations. It’s been specially designed to deal with pressure runs. It is mounted inline in the ceiling cavity, away from the bathroom keeping noise to a minimum.

This system is “at home” in any environment where dampness is a potential issue. It’s perfect for owner-occupied and rental properties. And it’s one of our top-rated, most popular solutions.

BDVAir Wet Area Extraction Fans
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