Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer

You know the feeling. The wood fire is raging away in the living room, making it almost unbearable to be in the same space. You then walk into the hallway only to find the temperature drop. And the bedrooms are even colder. What can you do?

Heat transfer is an economical way to move excess heat from the source, generally the living room’s solid wood fire. The heated air is taken from the living room and pumped through the ceiling ducting into designated areas chosen by you. Sounds simple? It can be but not always.

The secret behind effective heat transfer is the design, ducting length, and a powerful fan. The heat source is also critical, with an average loss of 1 degree per meter in a cold ceiling. The initial heat availability is paramount, coupled with transferring the heat to the destination as quickly as possible. This process ensures you lose the least amount of heat along the way.

BDVAir’s heat transfer motors are powerful mixed flow inline fans controlled by a digitised set-and-forget thermostatic switch, which controls the amount of hot air transferred when required and available.

The heat transfer can be installed as a stand-alone system or paired up with the BDVAir ventilation system, with only one vent per room for both ventilation and heat transfer. You can select a single 1-to-1 transfer or have several vents for multiple rooms.

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